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↓  ↓ If you think the rule is a little bit difficult, you can feel free to use a different rule that is easier to play with. ↓  ↓

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↓  ↓  Once you get used to playing the game, you can start using this SUPPORT dice as an expansion.  This will make the game more thrilling as it is  more advanced.  ↓  ↓

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↓  ↓  You can refer to the chart about the details of how to use other cards. ↓ ↓

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↓  ↓  You can download a PDF document of a spare dice from here if necessary. ↓  ↓

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It is recommended that you look at pictures of a cavity and watch videos of bacteria in the mouth.

Those are effective ways to think about oral care.


 Caries on the teeth of a young child


Bacteria seen in plaque  of  a patient with gum disease (Moderate periodontitis)


Let’ s talk about how you clean your mouth!