How to use SUPPORT dice


This is a setting where you get braces. 

This dice conveys your feelings when you receive treatment while getting braces.  



●Once you get used to playing the game, you can start using this Support Dice as an expansion.  This will make the game more thrilling as it is more advanced.  



You can start using it from Day 5.  

(You can adopt this rule from the beginning if you think it is easy.)



Before you adopt this rule, you throw SUPPORT dice.   This sets the rule of “half day”.  

You can choose who rolls the dice at your convenience.  You can take turns in the order of the first turn of daytime  and the first turn of nighttime.  


You can start using it from Day 1.



<The rule of half day >

This rule is effective only half day, which means three times of your turn.  Every time you throw the dice, the rule changes.   

With your SUPPORT dice, a new rule continues three times in a row. 

When  half a day has passed, you can use SUPPORT dice and a new rule will be introduced.  

Give it a try with your SUPPORT dice and make sure you can still save the King of Teeth.  



The explanation of the emoticon side of your Dice 



The floss does not go between the teeth because of your braces.  You have to use a different type of dental tools instead.  

→During half day of the game, you collect one more in addition to four tools to make your teeth clean. (From 5 in total: you prepare  for it in your convenience) 🔵




Your teeth are getting straight, and your dentist praise you for your hard work. 

You can gain a Dentist Card.  You have 3 Dentist Cards in total, so if you do not have ones inside the box, you cannot use this.  




You avoid eating snacks because the food goes between your teeth and braces.  

→During half day of the game, when Food Cards appear, you do not have to move SAFETY piece of “Food and Drinks.”  However, you have to follow instructions when you draw the card of Drinks.  Things such as Xylitol, dried squid, and sea kelp cards are effective.  



Feeling Good 

As your teeth are getting straight, you feel more comfortable eating food. 

Each one of you shares with your mates your favorite food.  

(You can have a free topic when you draw this card again.) 



Feeling Satisfied 

Your mom gets you a reward as you work really hard with your treatment and brush your teeth diligently.  

→During half day, you can roll your PROMOTION dice with two NORMAL dices together.   




Mouth Ulcer is painful, so you cannot brush your teeth. 

→When this side appears, each of you draws only one card without throwing two NORMAL dice half day.  (This is equivalent to three times of your turn.)  At the last moment of half day, all of the three SAFETY pieces will move backward one by one. (-1)×3 




Please enjoy  your feelings when you receive treatment while getting braces. ^ ^